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BROGGIAN MILANO is fully transparent and responsible for what it is declared
on the jewel and the warranty.

Every BROGGIAN MILANO jewel features several markings.
   *The metal content
   *The carat weight
   *The individual number 
   * ID signature


The diamonds used in BROGGIAN MILANO jewellery come from legitimate sources which are not involved in the financing of armed conflicts,
in compliance with United Nations resolutions.
BROGGIAN MILANO guarantees that , to the best of their knowledge and according to written guarantees provided 
by their suppliers, these diamonds do not serve to finance any armed conflict.


Founded in 1962, Broggian is a member of the Antwerp Diamonds Bourse, founding member of IGI‐Istituto Gemmologico Italiono and is part of the prestigious Club degli Ofafi Italia.
Broggian Group represents a prestigious example of the competitive and vivacious Italian entrepreneurship in jewellery industry. Since its foundation, the Group has been able to link in a successful way a strong and skillful management to an innovative creativity, always expressed using top quality materials and skillful artisans.
Diamonds and pearls, and more generally the full range of precious stones represent the natural elements from witch the Broggian jewels are born, as direct descendants of the Italian tradition in design and luxury.
The Broggian family’s entrepreneurial adventure begins with the distribution of diamonds in the late 50s, followed by an even more increasing diversification and internationalization.
At the end of the 90s, Broggian launches its most audacious and fascinating challenge:MIMI’, young brand of modern and bright jewels. A collection of precious “prêt-à-porter” jewels with a cosmopolitan, recognizable style, with its unusual chromatic combinations of gold, pearls, diamonds and precious stones.
From this entrepreneurial roots comes the latest BROGGIAN MILANO diamonds project, already worldwide distributed in the finest jewellery stones in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America.



Classic bridal Jewellery with a modern touch.
Deep and structured proposal.
First price point jewellery. Stylish but sober.
Medium—High jewellery, hand made by the best Italian
Artisan, customized to fulfill the customer’s needs.
Strong identity. Focus on details, precision and quality.