New Business Division

New Business Division

There are many small and medium enterprises in Japan that possess excellent technology, devices, materials and manufacturing capacity but are unable to reach or sell to customers outside of the country. We utilize our marketing know-how and human resources derived from our various businesses to uncover such new technologies and materials and boldly introduce them to international customers.

For instance, we are introducing and selling to overseas pharmaceutical makers tablet making (tablet compression) molds built from the forging technology of Howa Corporation., the ultra-fine processing technology of MINEYAMA Ironwork Co., Ltd. and the tablet molding technology of NANNO CO., Ltd.

Moreover, in a tie-up with the specified NPO High-Frequency/Analog Semiconductor Business Research (HAB) Association, we introduce the technologies, devices and materials of member enterprises to Taiwanese semiconductor makers, liquid crystal panel makers and LED makers who are our existing customers.

We are also engaged in exporting coating materials to Shenyang Submersible Pump Co.,Ltd. in Liaoning Province in China.
We have launched a business for exporting and retailing to China non-corrosive coating made through the outstanding technology of UNIX Co., Ltd. (Higashi Osaka). This coating doesn't corrode even after extended exposure in seawater, and we intend to build this into a business that will contribute to the building of China's infrastructure.

Moreover, we are engaged in the importing business too. Responding to growing demand for hydrogenated water and aluminum pouch meals, we are importing and retailing aluminum pouch drink filling machines to beverage makers.