Northernwest Corporation was established in July 1976 and at first mainly exported industrial machines and textile machines. Entering the 1990s, it succeeded in deploying liquid crystal materials and semiconductor materials operations to Southeast Asia, and today these represent its main product lines. Working as the agent for Nissan Chemical Corporation in Taiwan, we sell their anti-reflective coating for semiconductor manufacturing , and polyimide varnish materials for liquid crystal to major Taiwanese manufacturers. We also sell rubbing cloths made by AGEHARA TEXTILE IND. CO., LTD. and Polyimide Varnish Printing Plate made by Komura-Tech Co., Ltd. to manufacturers of liquid crystal panels. Specifically, we conduct marketing and customer support activities via our Taipei office. In both cases, speedy management responses to rapidly changing demand are required, and we are committed to promoting smooth supply chain management while taking the initiative in building close links with customers and suppliers based on our motto of "The customer comes first."
Company Northernwest Corporation
Address 5F Midosuji Takeda Building, 3-9-15 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 542-0081
Date July 19, 1976
Capital Authorized capital: 20,000,000 yen
Paid capital: 10,000,000 yen
Representative Kei Hirai
Accounts Once per year in March
Business Export and marketing of electronic materials and liquid crystal materials, etc. to Taiwan and China
Local Companies


NWI HOLDINGS INC. Taiwan branch
Rm. B, 3F., No.85, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


C-1403, No.85, Lou Shan Guan Road, Shanghai, China
Capital:1.5 million RMB
Establishment:4th July, 2016

Main banks Mizuho Bank, Dojima Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Senba Branch
Resona Bank, Senba Branch


Jul. 1976
Establishment of Northernwest Corporation
Apr. 1988
Start of sale of polyimide varnish and coating materials for liquid crystals
Apr. 1993
Start of sale of anti-reflective coating for semiconductors
Feb. 2001
Establishment of the Taipei Office in Taiwan
Jul. 2004
Appointment of Kei Hirai (current CEO)
Jan. 2005
Establishment of the Shanghai Office
Mar. 2005
Relocation of headquarters to the current address
Aug. 2015
Establishment of NWI HOLDINGS INC. Taiwan branch
Oct. 2015
Establishment of NeW AGE Industry Co.,Ltd.
Jun. 2016
Establishment of Shanghai Seihoku Trading Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2018
Relocation of NWI HOLDINGS INC. Taiwan branch office to the current address

Main Products


Our main products are currently anti-reflective coating for semiconductors and liquid crystal aligning materials such as polyimide, rubbing cloth and Polyimide Varnish Printing Plate, etc., which we sell to major Taiwanese semiconductor foundry makers and liquid crystal panel makers. As a result of our marketing activities geared to the ongoing improvement of quality, delivery and customer service, all our products enjoy high market shares in Taiwan.

Semiconductor Materials
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Nissan Chemical Corporation

Anti-reflective coating for semiconductors is a coating material that was developed for use in semiconductor lithography. A liquid material used for preventing reflection during exposure in the manufacturing process, this is sold to major semiconductor foundry makers in Taiwan. Because the purpose of use of coating differs according to each maker, there are numerous types, and we conduct marketing and shipping activities in close collaboration with our Taiwanese office to ensure that the right materials reach customers just in time.

Main customers (Taiwan)
  • 台湾積体電路製造股份有限公司Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
  • 聯華電子股份有限公司United Microelectronics Corporation
  • 力晶半導体股份有限公司Powerchip Technology Corporation
  • 台灣美光記憶體股份有限公司Micron Memory Taiwan
  • 旺宏電子股份有限公司Macronix International Co.,Ltd.
  • 世界先進積体電路股份有限公司Vangurad International Semiconductor Corporation
  • 華邦電子股份有限公司Winbond Electronics Corporation
  • 台灣美光晶圆華亞科技股份有限公司MICRON TECHNOLOGY TAIWAN, INC.
  • 南亜塑膠工業股份有限公司Nanya Technology Corporation
  • 新唐科技股份有限公司Nuvoton Technology Corporation
Main customers (China)
  • 台積電(南京)有限公司TSMC Nanjing Company Limited
  • 联芯集成电路制造(厦门)有限公司United Semiconductor Xiameng Co Ltd
  • 合肥晶合集成电路股份有限公司Nexchip Semiconductor Corporation
Liquid Crystal Panel Materials
  • Polyimide Varnish
  • Nissan Chemical Corporation

This coating material, made from polyimide resin in collaboration with Nissan Chemical Corporation is used to align liquid crystal molecules in a uniform direction. We supply it to major liquid crystal makers for use in the manufacturing processes of increasingly diverse liquid crystal panels for PCs, smartphones and tablets, etc.

  • Rubbing Cloth

This is widely adopted as an essential material in the rubbing process of liquid crystal panel manufacturing. Made entirely from velvet cloth, it is adopted by numerous liquid crystal panel makers for precise alignment and stable yield. We established a joint venture factory "NeW AGE Industry Co., Ltd." with AGEHARA VELVET Co., LTD. and deliver the products to LCD makers in Taiwan.

  • Polyimide Varnish Printing Plate
  • Komura-Tech Co., Ltd.

This printing plate makes it possible to apply a uniform coat of polyimide varnish, which is indispensable in the liquid crystal panel manufacturing process. We advance marketing activities while utilizing the high-level technology and high quality products of the manufacturer Komura-Tech Co., Ltd. as well as our strong contacts with customers.

Main customers (Taiwan)
  • 友達光電股份有限公司Au Optonics Corporation
  • 群創光電股份有限公司Innolux Display Corporation
  • 瀚宇彩晶股份有限公司Hannstar Display Corporation
  • 光聯科技股份有限公司United Radiant Technology Corporation
  • 凌巨科技股份有限公司Giantplus Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 南亜塑膠工業股份有限公司Nanya Plastics Corporation
Main customers (China)
  • 富相科技股份有限公司Goldentek Display System Co.,Ltd.