At NWI Group, we regard private information as belonging to the individual and as something to be legitimately obtained, acquired and used for conducting marketing activities aimed at further enhancing customer satisfaction. Considering it our social responsibility to protect personal information, we are committed to operating based on an appropriate control setup in compliance with the Private Information Protection Law, related legislation and the guidelines of various entities, etc.
Purpose of use
We use personal information for informing about new products and services in our business field of distribution services, and in product delivery and after-sales services. Moreover, we use customer’s personal information for purposes other than the above only if we have received prior consent.
Collection of personal information
When collecting personal information, we confirm the purpose of collection and use lawful and equitable methods within the scope of our legitimate business.
Use and provision of personal information
When using and providing collected personal information, in compliance with legislation, we do not disclose to third parties. Information may be stored within the NWI GROUP or subcontractors, however, we ensure thorough control in these cases too.
Sharing of personal information
We share the customer’s name, address, email address and telephone number, etc. for after-sales service within the NWI GROUP only.
Safety measures
In order to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, we take safety measures in areas of technology and organization to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage, etc.
Control of subcontractors
When outsourcing the processing of personal information, we conclude agreements with contractors to ensure that proper controls are implemented in order to prevent leakage and further disclosure.
Confirmation and correction, etc. of personal information
If a user wishes to confirm or correct his or her personal information, we will promptly comply over a reasonable scope but only in cases where we can definitely confirm the user’s identity. Moreover, we ask that requests for disclosure, correction and cessation of use, etc. be made in writing.
Control setup
In order to strengthen company-wide initiatives for protecting personal information, we establish leakage prevention setups and systems and at the same time appoint persons in charge of control and conduct ongoing education and enlightenment of employees in each department that handles personal information.
NWI Group complies with legislation and other standards applicable to the handling of personal information.
Other items
The contents of this privacy policy may be subject to revision according to legislative revisions, social and technical trends and any other need.